Dead Poets Society Update!

"What is this Dead Poets Society you speak of? Is it a club for dead poets? Is it a secret society where students meet by a creek at midnight to discuss poetry and literature? Or, possibly, is it a creative writing club where students create poetry, plays, short stories, art, and other creative works?" I... Continue Reading →

Welcome to 6C Publishing

We have a problem in these United States; it is not congress, it is not Ebola and it is surely not a shortage of fashion – it is apathy, and throughout my life, I have fought against just that to the best of my ability, and being my final year at Academy of the Lakes, I wanted to leave a legacy. Something positive that could at least make some difference. I want to give my fellow students a voice, give them inspiration and create a call to take action.

A Word From Mr. Heller

Dear Academy Community: I am so pleased to welcome you and lend the full measure of my support to our students as they create our new online newspaper/blog, The 6C Network.  Through this endeavor our students will develop their voices and their skill in formulating and clearly expressing their ideas and opinions, their art, their... Continue Reading →

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