Language Arts Aces

2 campers making their gruffalos out of homemade play dough If you want a fun educational camp to go to this summer then Language Arts Aces is the camp for you! This camp is taught by Debbie Szarko,the Lower Division Librarian for Academy at the Lakes. This week she was teaching the campers visualization, as... Continue Reading →

Adventures with Ms.Nadow

By: Emma Kittredge '24 She’s loud, she’s proud, she’s a mother of one, no doubt about it, her class is so much fun! It's Ms. Nadow, the Boston beauty.  The Language Arts teacher from out of town. She is  fierce strong woman who never lets anyone down and a positive leader for her students. She... Continue Reading →

Managing Champions

Football is one of the most exciting sports to watch, and the spotlight is usually on the players, nobody usually pays attention to what happens in the background. However, in the background working hard are often the managers. Being a team manager is one of the most important jobs of a football team. They make... Continue Reading →

Welcome Back Academy!

Welcome back Academy Students! We hope you had a great summer and an exciting first full week back! We have a great year ahead of us, and to keep up on the latest news, don’t forget to check out the MD and UD news sites! We will be posting weekly on the latest news, features, and opinions from the... Continue Reading →

Make Your Summer Plans Now

Trying to make summer plans before the school year ends? If so, join some of Academy’s summer camps to keep in touch with friends and even make some new ones. From June 4th to August 3rd you can enjoy fun activities, adventures or arts and crafts. Some that you might want to try is Day... Continue Reading →

Coach Hagenau’s Departure

It was a dismal day when Academy students and staff learned about Coach Hagenau’s departure. A few days before he left the school to follow his lifelong dream of becoming a Pararescueman in the United States Air Force, he set up a fundraiser for Academy students and staff to donate to the charity “Wigs For... Continue Reading →

Academy Insider- Sea Camp

The sun slowly rises as the other students wake and then, THE ACADEMY BUS ROLLS IN AS ALL OF THE STUDENTS JUMP OUT AND SCREAM AS LOUD AS THEY CAN. This would be a normal day at Sea Camp for Academy at the Lakes. But the 7th graders, we have yet to experience that, but... Continue Reading →

Academy Insider Sea camp Part 2

If you have read part one of the sea camp story, (which can be found here) you would know that the 7th-grade students went to Sea Camp in Long Boat key and had a ton of fun! The excited group of 7th graders did numerous things such as kayaking, snorkeling, basketball, a bonfire, and more!... Continue Reading →

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