Thoughts on AATL’s Closing

The USA hasn't been through a "pandemic" like this before and it takes some getting used to. I'm here to share some of my thoughts about this. 3/27/2020 My thoughts on this whole thing is that it’s different. Everything is still working like it would be if we are at school but in a new... Continue Reading →

DACA being repealed? – How it would affect the Academy community

Imagine this: 

You were born in the Dominican Republic but brought to the United States when you were less than a year old. The United States is the only thing you’ve ever learned to call home. Then, you find out the president of the United States wants to send you back to the place you have no memory of because “you don’t belong here.”

An Unhealthy Battle

        After seven years of fighting the Affordable Care Act – otherwise known as Obamacare – the Republicans’ “repeal and replace” plan fell flat on its face, even after over sixty attempts to repeal the ACA during President Obama’s incumbency.         But looking back now, who thought it would pass? Ironically enough,... Continue Reading →

Welcome to 6C Publishing

We have a problem in these United States; it is not congress, it is not Ebola and it is surely not a shortage of fashion – it is apathy, and throughout my life, I have fought against just that to the best of my ability, and being my final year at Academy of the Lakes, I wanted to leave a legacy. Something positive that could at least make some difference. I want to give my fellow students a voice, give them inspiration and create a call to take action.

A Word From Mr. Heller

Dear Academy Community: I am so pleased to welcome you and lend the full measure of my support to our students as they create our new online newspaper/blog, The 6C Network.  Through this endeavor our students will develop their voices and their skill in formulating and clearly expressing their ideas and opinions, their art, their... Continue Reading →

Flint Michigan Water Crises

Picture this. You are about to start cooking dinner for the family, and you head over to the sink to wash your hands. As you turn the handle on the faucet, all that comes out is murky, bacteria-filled water. To be more specific, water contaminated with iron and lead. But, to you, this is the... Continue Reading →

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