Journey to Greatness

During the week of April 7th, 2019, top swimmers from all over the country competed in the TYR Pro Swim Series event in Richmond, Virginia. Strangely enough, TYR is the name of the Norse God of warriors– athletes. In this meet, our fellow classmate, McKenna Smith ‘21, worked to advance further in the competition; as... Continue Reading →

Managing Champions

Football is one of the most exciting sports to watch, and the spotlight is usually on the players, nobody usually pays attention to what happens in the background. However, in the background working hard are often the managers. Being a team manager is one of the most important jobs of a football team. They make... Continue Reading →

Monthly Sports Roundup

This month's Sport Roundup: Football- The 2017 AATL football team is doing outstanding. On the 17th of November, they solidly defeated Canterbury 54-6 in a playoff game and are now headed deeper into the playoffs battling for the state championship. Before this they became the regional champions and through the whole regular season plowed through... Continue Reading →

Sports Roundup – April/May

Tennis  Recap: Freshmen Dion Loutas and Nathan Impresso on the AATL tennis team are moving on to Districts to compete in the first seed male doubles! Be on the lookout for more news about districts! Next Month: Dion and Nathan will possibly be moving onto Regionals and States! They will be playing doubles for Regionals... Continue Reading →

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