Admissions Acknowledgement

By Jack Gunther At Academy at the Lakes, there are some well-known jobs such as teachers, coaches, and the school counselor.  But some jobs at AATL aren't as well known and we need to give everyone their well-deserved attention. One of the jobs people may not know much about is the admissions building and what... Continue Reading →

Adventures with Ms.Nadow

By: Emma Kittredge '24 She’s loud, she’s proud, she’s a mother of one, no doubt about it, her class is so much fun! It's Ms. Nadow, the Boston beauty.  The Language Arts teacher from out of town. She is  fierce strong woman who never lets anyone down and a positive leader for her students. She... Continue Reading →

Teacher feature of Coach Shawn Brown

By: Emma Kittredge '24 The man, the myth, the legend, the best coach around! You know him and love him, it’s Coach  Shawn Brown. A kind-hearted and loving guy, he has been the Middle and Upper Division coach for P.E. track, football, and basketball for the past 6 years. Ever since joining the football team... Continue Reading →

Managing Champions

Football is one of the most exciting sports to watch, and the spotlight is usually on the players, nobody usually pays attention to what happens in the background. However, in the background working hard are often the managers. Being a team manager is one of the most important jobs of a football team. They make... Continue Reading →

Golden Nights

Music boomed and some smooth dance moves were attempted on Friday, September 28th, when the 7th and 8th Graders held their fall dance. The dance was located in Melech from 7:00-9:30. Sponsored and run by NJHS, the profits of the dance were raised to support the Children's Oncology Group. The Children's Oncology Group works to... Continue Reading →

Student Faculty Game: Who won?

The ball goes through the hoop and the students cheer as the teachers accept their defeat! That’s how every single student at Academy at the Lakes wish it happened, but the teachers were the winners of the 2018 Student-Faculty Basketball Game. This is one of the biggest games that the student-athletes will play through the... Continue Reading →

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