4 Tips on Managing E-Learning

Being in a different environment and doing classes in a different way can end up making it a bit harder to work the way you used to. Here are some tips to help you out.

Tip #1. Act like it’s a normal school day. This might sound confusing at first, but it’s a lot more simple. You act like you are at school from the normal 8-3 hours, whether it be doing homework, or attending classes. That way, you can get almost all of your work done during the normal school time.

Tip #2. Manage your time. Don’t just decide I’m going to do this now, plan out what order you are going to do things in or when you are going to do them. This helps you to keep working and not drift off and do other things.

Tip #3. Check your resources. I know it seems fairly obvious to be checking the LMS and RenWeb every day, but you should also be checking things like outlook and remind to see if teachers have emailed you something.

Tip #4. Do your work early. Say your teachers give you 2 days to do an assignment. Try and do it on the first day so that way you have free time the next day. But, if you have a lot of work, push some things back so you aren’t overwhelmed the whole day.

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