Sweet Treats and Eats

If you like to eat and cook good food, Sweet Treats and Eats is the camp for you! Sweet Treats and Eats is one of the many fun camps that Summer at the Lakes offers, run by Courtney Hunt. In this camp, the campers make food from different countries. This week they focused on Europe.

3 of the campers cracking eggs to make quiche

One of the campers, Constance expressed how fun it is to make exotic food. Nutella filled cookies and Italian crazy bread are just some of the many delicious treats the children get to make.

Fresh Italian crazy bread, part of their European week

After the camp is completed, the campers get to take home all the recipes for the foods they made so they can make them at home. There are still 3 weeks left of this amazing camp, with Asian, Italian, and southern BBQ themed recipes still to come! The camp runs  June 24, July 8 and July 22 from 12:00-3:00, for Grades 4th-9th for $150.


Cooking is fun but it is a process up above are some of our campers cooking their delicious food.

Do you enjoy cooking or have a really good recipe for something leave a comment down below!



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