Glitz and Glamor Galore

Have you ever wanted to create your own jewelry to wear? Well, in the Jewelry Fun camp you can! In this camp young children from the ages of kindergarten, all the way up to 9th Grade have the opportunity to learn how to create their own jewelry using a variety of materials for them to wear. In this camp, the children make things such as necklaces, bracelets, and more!

Little Eva is having a blast with her new style.
Some of the materials used include beads and parts of plastic straws

One young girl who goes by the name of Kate said: “I picked this camp because I thought it would be fun because of the jewelry.”  Her response to whether she was enjoying herself brought out a very enthusiastic, “Yes!”

Here’s Kate and her necklace in progress!

Another little girl, Emily, expressed something similar. She chose this particular camp because she had thought it would be fun to make jewelry and greatly enjoyed the camp.

Emily works hard on her new jewelry

Would you go to this camp? If so, what kind of jewelry would you like to make and how? Out of what materials? Tell us in the comments below!


Camp Name: Jewelry Fun Camp
Counselor: Nancy Denicourt


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