Engineers In The Making

It’s 2019, and everywhere you look there is technology, from the brand new iPhone XS Max to simple things like a wheel. The concepts for these items come from a special kind of person called an engineer. As universal as technology is, humans continually need to learn more and more to keep up. Well, in the camp “Lil’ Engineers,” run by Mrs. Ivester here at Summer at the Lakes, young children from grades kindergarten to second grade can get a head start on the new world of engineering with simple inventions such as a Zipline and how they work. The kids even have the opportunity to build on of their own!

Grace is seen helping the kids place their zip line carts on the string to zip some skittles to safety!

Directions for the zip line cart the children were creating.
Little Braydon puts his zip line cart onto the line for zipping!


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