Admissions Acknowledgement

By Jack Gunther

At Academy at the Lakes, there are some well-known jobs such as teachers, coaches, and the school counselor.  But some jobs at AATL aren’t as well known and we need to give everyone their well-deserved attention. One of the jobs people may not know much about is the admissions building and what they are doing to make Academy better. The admissions team is behind all of the new students joining us at Academy. They set up times for new students to come and tour the school and also schedule times for students to shadow at the school. They are behind managing the marketing team and getting out posters for information on events. To help you understand what the admissions team does, the 6C team went and asked them questions about what they do, this will help you understand who a few of them are and what their responsibilities are.

One of the people on the admissions team is Matt Grossenbach from Wisconsin. Matt graduated from Academy at the Lakes and then went to USF. He decided to join the AATL team because he went to this school. What he does for the admissions team is completing data entry tasks. He also works with the development team here at AATL. His hobbies are basketball, writing and playing games. One of the many things here at Academy that he likes is that this school is like one big family.    

Another member of the admissions team is Ken Akins from Indianapolis, Indiana. He is an Admissions Associate and learned about AATL through our athletics. He graduated from two Universities, Vincennes University and St. Mary of the Woods. His hobby is baseball and his favorite part about Academy is “The passion for the admissions and faculty as well as the passion for learning from the students.”

The Admissions team also has two other members, Melissa Starkey, and Sue Gunther, they all work together to help grow our school. So they may not have well-known jobs here at Academy but they are very important ones. They say everyone is welcome to stop by and learn more about what they do, and your welcome to a free Jolly Ranchers just for visiting.

When you started at Academy, did you meet the Admissions team? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

A picture of the admissions team (left) Matt Grosenbach (middle) Melissa Starkey (right) Sue Gunther
Taken by: Jack Gunther
A picture of the admissions team (left) Matt Grosenbach (middle) Melissa Starkey (right) Sue Gunther
Taken By: Jack Gunther

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