Adventures with Ms.Nadow

By: Emma Kittredge ’24

She’s loud, she’s proud, she’s a mother of one, no doubt about it, her class is so much fun! It’s Ms. Nadow, the Boston beauty.  The Language Arts teacher from out of town. She is  fierce strong woman who never lets anyone down and a positive leader for her students. She can make you write a 500-word essay in 40 minutes or just make you laugh for 40 minutes, whichever you do, she loves both. Ms. Nadow is an amazing teacher who sculpts her students’ minds to be the best of her ability.For the past 12 years, Academy holds a special place in its heart for her. Ms. Nadow brings out the best in people and somehow always makes you laugh. My personal experience with Nadow has been better than words can say. Everyday I walk into first period  either annoyed or tired, and somehow she can instantly make me happy and want to engage in what we’re learning.

As an instructor, Mrs. Nadow impacts so many students.  Let’s hear about what her students say. Emily Halfpenny ‘21 (student) loves the atmosphere as soon as she walks in the classroom.”She is open to different ways of learning, she made Greek mythology more exciting, and can relate to you more. She focuses on writing and her classroom is a different growing environment. Better essays for high school.” Lauren Reinhart ‘20 also reflected on her experiences in Ms. Nadow’s class. “ My favorite thing about her was the attitude of her classroom and how she always put a twist on things. The best part about being in her class was learning so much and expanding my knowledge. Ms. Nadow is set apart from other teachers by her personality, very loving. I took away how to personalize all of my work, to make sure I put my best into my papers.” Rachel Clarine (best friend and college) To say the least you would call them best friends, but almost always sisters. Mrs.Clarine has been impacted in the best way possible by Ms.Nadow. “ She has been a friend to everyone, always checks in on people. We Love to go hiking and camping together. Personality has not changed but priorities did change to fit her needs and wants towards excelling as a teacher and providing needs for her family. She has provided me with a second family in Florida She has forced me to be more social and active life,She is another sister”.

Lets get to know Ms. Nadow a little bit more

Where did you go to college? What did you major in?

Simmons college (Now Simmons University; Boston, Massachusetts)

Dual major: English and Education  

What would you be doing if not a teacher?

Internal affairs investigator for a local police department

Why Did you choose ⅞ grade L.A?

She had extensive experience  tutoring ⅞ grade age group prior to choosing that career path; they were delightful.

Before a teacher what was another career path for you?

I didn’t know I would be a teacher until sophomore year of college;  I would have been a writer; I still write now.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t be late for anything.

What is the most rewarding part of teaching?

Seeing joy on student’s  faces as they learn something they had previously disliked.

Starbucks order?

Grandé soy matcha latté

Favorite teacher friend?

Ms.  Klaeren (real-life BFF)

Out of school activities?

Zoo Tampa a lot with DJ; Fro-Yo (Sweet Frog); Uncle Maddio’s’ Pizza every Friday; watching YouTube videos about hiking, reading classic books.

Why do you like hiking?

Clears your mind and soul; love seeing nature; there’s something very satisfying about seeing the distance you’ve climbed from a summit, and it’s a lot of fun to do with a friend. Disaster hiking  stories make the best stories.

If you could thank one person,who would it be?

Thank you to Fred Stark, (an AATL parent we have since lost) who was the first parent to write a nice letter to Mr. Heller about me as a teacher during my first year teaching back in 2007.

What are the biggest life lessons have you learned, since  having a child?

Having a child makes you less selfish you start to look at family differently, and appreciate what your parents did for you when you were little; DJ (Devlin Jeffrey) gives me joy daily and fills a hole I didn’t know was missing.

What superhero would you be?

Storm (X-men)

If you could go back in time, what period would it be?


When I started my project I didn’t really think about how much of an impact Ms.Nadow has had. Now interviewing her and learning more about her personal life I have realized how much Ms.Nadow does for academy. She has witnessed the good and bad in students and the school ; she has helped both grow. Ms.Nadow is a delightful women and Academy is lucky to have her, Her ability to have this cosmic affect on people has been contagious that we can’t get enough of. She will change any student who walks through her door with an infects smile and a joyful handshake.

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