Yearly Yearbookers

By Katrina Halpern

Have you ever wondered what it takes to complete a yearbook each year? The yearbook staff is a hard-working group, who won’t rest until the yearbook is completed. If you were to join the yearbook staff in the Upper Division, you would experience how a fabulous staff works together. Being part of the staff can be exciting but also tough. It includes tons of challenges and many deadlines.

Nataley Riggs ’20, along with Lexi Fernandez ‘19, Amelia Cozzolino ‘19, and Victoria Hannah ‘19 are the longest members to be part of the staff. Being part of the staff teaches you how to be a responsible adult in the workplace. Victoria states that she was always really talented in making great powerpoint designs, so she thought that it would be a fabulous idea to join yearbook. Nor is it just a challenge, there are lots of fun and funny moments. Deadlines help the staff plan what to write and when to write it. This is good practice because when they go to college their lives will be filled with deadlines. They cover things from clubs, to sports, to assemblies and events on both campuses.

Nataley, who has been a staffer for 3 years has day-to-day responsibilities that include checking deadlines, knowing what pages to work on, sorting through people to interview for a certain spread, and taking pictures for her spreads. Nataley’s favorite memory and bonding moments are working on Saturday workdays. They switch to different places sometimes though normally they stay at school. However, they always have to put in that extra work when there is a deadline coming up.

Being a part of the Wildlife staff can bring both the best and sometimes even the worst out in everyone as they work hard to cover everything and make their deadlines. Even though it can be stressful, the end product is always worth it.

Summer Senior’s favorite part of being an Upper Division yearbook staffer is holding the yearbook completed, edited, and full of memories. Photo by Katrina Halpern
Congratulations to our Academy at the Lakes’ staff for completing the yearbook again and again. In 2018 our staff was inducted by their publisher, Walsworth, into the Gallery of Excellence. They have been inducted into it again this year. Photo by Katrina Halpern

Ms. Upmeyer is very excited to announce that in the 2020 school year there will be the addition of a Middle Division yearbook class. Now with the opportunity for Middle Division students becoming staff members, Ms. Upmeyer plans to submit the 2019 yearbook to organizations such as the Florida Scholastic Press Association for judging. Thanks to Ms. Upmeyer, Victoria Hannah, Amelia Cozzolino, Lexi Fernandez, Nataley Riggs, Kaileigh Schmitz ‘20, Summer Senior ‘21, Graesyn Thilmony ‘20, Sophia Kofender ‘20, and all the faculty and staff who help and support Wildlife to make it the best yearbook it can be!

The 2018-2019 Staff

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