Join STEM, Have a Blast!

What is the STEM Club? STEM Club is a group of high school students with Mr. Burnley, their mentor. To join STEM Club, you must sign up, and be recruited. As the years go on, experience will come, and more jobs will open to you. But what do they actually do?

The first four and a half months of the year, they practice with the 3D printer and build a practice robot to test various things with. After that, they begin building a new robot or start upgrading the previous robot. This year they worked on improving and practicing with a robot that moves around on wheels, plays sound from seven Bluetooth speakers, and has a webcam that the STEM team can stream to their computer. They also created another robot to practice various things tested in the competition. This robot has been worked on over many years because it is not a robot for competitions but for practice.

After enough practice of building the robot and using the robot, the team must construct the robot based on the rules of the competition called First held later in the year. The information about the competition was released on 5 January 2019. What they must accomplish during the competition is lifting up a dodgeball, and a disc raised in the air, or on the ground and then drop it into a goal where it belongs. Before the creation process, the team must brainstorm and construct a prototype.

After a full season of work, the STEM team built a robot that could pick up the discs, and velcro them to the container to close up holes so the balls could be put into it. Then the balls would be picked up, and placed into the containers to score points.

The STEM team works hard, it is not easy to build these robots; first, they have to create and build the robot. Second, they program it. This is why more experience is necessary, so important jobs can be done correctly for the competition. Every step and process is very important to be done almost perfectly.

Joining the STEM team is a commitment. You have to work hard and be devoted. While you are there you may even make new friends, and by working with them, you and your friends will learn a lot such as programming, engineering, and even creativity. The STEM Club is a positive workplace, so maybe when you are in high school, and you want to program, design, or even create, you will consider joining the STEM team.

Are you interested in joining STEM in high school? What you think about the team? Let us know in the comments below! For all of your up-to-date student news updates, follow 6C Network, and visit STEM Club’s blog at,

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