The Girl Scout Journey

The Girl Scouts- Chloe, Luna, Abby, Eden, Aumoi, Alaina, Eryn, and Sharyana.

The troop leaders- Mrs. Michelle and Mrs. Andrea.

By: Eryn McLeod, Green Club  

The Girl Scouts submitted our Bronze award project in October. There were many steps along the way, and the end result was Green Club. The Green Club has brought recycling to our school, and now Academy at the Lakes fully recycles paper in the Middle Division. At first, the Girl Scouts wanted to bring recycling to the recenter, but there were many problems. We saw a greater opportunity at our very own school where we could keep an eye on the recycling and start a club so all our peers could help. The Green Club was born.

On the first and third Tuesday of every month, Green Club meets. We collect paper from around the school, and people that have recycling at home bring the paper home to recycle. We also have worm composting for our scraps at lunch. If someone has a piece of orange they don’t want to eat they can give it to someone from the worm compost group. Then the worm group will feed the worms. This is important because it stops food from going to waste and gives us compost for our gardens. Every year Green Club grows. For example, right now we have 5th and 6th Grade. Next year we will hopefully have 5th, 6th, and 7th grade participating. Green Club is proud to bring recycling to Academy at the Lakes and we will continue to do our best to help our environment.

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