Effort Promised, Effort Delivered

At the beginning of the year, the President of the 2019 Student Council, Ethan Lomio, sat down with 6C Network to chat about his future plans, the ever-present debates within the council, and the President’s promises and effort. Now, 6C takes a look at what the President and his council managed to accomplish and the overall outcome of their plans.

Student Council President, Ethan Lomio, discussed the art of leadership. He explained that the greatest factor of leadership is responsibility; however, he emphasized, with that comes challenges. Through Ethan’s leadership position, he reportedly faced challenges. He triumphed in success, which he attributes this to his great self-effort. And, evidently, he has never given up.

Today, days from the quarter’s end, 6C analyzed his leadership within the council. Representative Lauren Reinhart, confirmed that the President was the maverick leader he presents himself to be. However, the other council members were also asserted to be just as rebellious as their leader. The council would rarely agree on a given issue, and this explained Lauren, “set us [the Student Council,] back too far,” on achieving all of their goals.

Ethan then discussed his experiences during his tenure and Editor-In-Chief for 6C Publishing. In that role, Ethan worked to better his speech and work on improving his level of patience. He stated in an interview that it was not easy for him to accomplish. Further evidence backs this up based on comments from 6C staff who worked with him at the time.

Regarding success with student council initiatives, sadly, successes tended to be few, and far between. Several campaign promises were abandoned because of decisions made prior to his election. These decisions included: School Lunches, Schedule Changes, and Non-Uniform Days.

There were problems; however, the same administration member, who still wished to remain anonymous, affirmed, “We are planning the schedule, and [we are] keeping in mind the issues Ethan had.” A key point there being the clumping of our blocks; meaning, A and B blocks will be moved as one unit rather than separate ones. President Ethan’s changes may not have been major ones, but his effort was clearly not in vain, for everything he suggested, the administration assured me they are keeping his points in mind during planning meetings.

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