Key Club’s Race for President

Key Club elections began February 13th where the candidates announced their campaigns. Currently, nearly all positions –Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, Web Master, and Class Directors– are running unopposed. The race for President, however, is heating up. The election between incumbent Amber Nadeau, and opposition Cole Lallanilla, is the race of the presidency.

On February 27th candidate Nadeau gave her speech. “I did a lot,” she proclaimed in her

Amber Nadeau working at the Early Learning Coalition in Hillsborough County

speech when reviewing her previous year as President. She also proclaimed, “We will look good while doing good,” by promising her best effort for the coming administrative year. Miss Nadeau worked to grow the club in terms of service and membership (by 40% this past year) and wishes to grow it further in the year ahead. She asserted, in regards to the campaign, that she spoke to each club member and incorporated their opinions with hers to create her platform; her ultimate goal is to make Key Club better. As a member of JSA, Junior State of America, and Green Club, Nadeau placed a major emphasis on working with Green Club in order to achieve a Green Certification for the school. Miss Nadeau ended with the inspiring words, “Community service is rewarding; I wish it for all.”

On the first of the month, March 1st, Cole Lallanilla announced his own presidential campaign. Much controversy has arisen from this development: election rules, running

Scenes and Sketches
Cole Lallanilla’s design for the Upper Division Drama’s performance

requirements, and even officer jurisdiction were all questioned. After debate and review, opposition candidate Lallanilla has been allowed to run; however, his name will not appear on this year’s ballot. “I’m legit,” the first words uttered in Mr. Lallanilla’s speech, and the words he based his own campaign around. “More bake sales,” and “[help] everyone achieve their services hour requirement[s],” were two ideas Mr. Lallanilla proposed. A volunteer at his mother’s hospital, a staffer for the Graphic Arts and Design class, providing graphics for various school events, as well as 6C, and a National Honors Society member, he promised to increase the enjoyment of belonging to Key Club, and increase the quality of design for the club’s t-shirts.

With elections being held this Wednesday, March 6th, the race for President is said to be a photo-finish; a poll done by 6C reveals that many voters are torn between the incumbent and the opposition, with hardly anyone willing to give a solid answer.

Who is the president YOU want to see manning the helm for Key Club? What do you think about the leadership of your own club? Let us know in the comments below!

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