6th Grade Science Fair

The 6th graders in our suite have been working on multiple science fair projects of many topics. The main subjects are hydrology and vermiculture. However, another (individual) team is researching/experimenting with mosquito fish, and another group is doing the same with duckweed.

Students like Will Peña enjoy studying worms every day as part of his project. He and many other students find their minds expanding during their work. Mrs. Magnusson says that students get to use the scientific method in the process, and this method is the base of all scientific knowledge.

Vermiculture is the study of worms as bait or as used in composting. We are attempting to evaluate and possibly serve ideas for Florida’s current nutrient pollution crisis. The 6th graders in that subject are testing the growth of plants with compost, as an environmentally friendly fertilizer. The group studying hydrology is attempting to serve ideas and information helping with Florida’s algae crisis. Nutrient pollution is a big problem in water because it can kill aquatic life and contaminate our water for drinking, bathing, and more. Each project is progressing in class only. Each student puts effort and high-quality work into their projects. Data is recorded in logbooks consisting of journal entries and research. Also, at the end of all this, students will be judged based on their ability to follow the scientific method, fruitful aspects of their work, presentation, and overall logbook quality(work). The scientific method that the 6th graders are practicing has 6 steps: Ask a question, do research, form a hypothesis, conduct an experiment to confirm the hypothesis, analyze results and form conclusion, report results.

Article produced by Daniel Jacob: Green Club

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