Insider Report: Homecoming Week

Good Afternoon loyal readers!

Our President, Ethan Lomio of the Student Council, recently spoke about future plans, council drama, and himself! Tune in next week for the report on those, but today we’ll be talking about Homecoming Week.

Homecoming Week this year will include the following in chronological order by day:

  1. Meme Monday
  2. Twin Tuesday
  3. Character Day (Wednesday)
  4. Pajama Day (Thursday)
  5. Blue and White Day (Friday)

Meme Monday will include internet memes for which one can be dressed up as, (excluding any inappropriate memes).

Twin Tuesday is Twin Day; where two or more friends can dress up in the same outfit, excluding any inappropriate clothing.

Character Day is a day where you can dress up as any fictional character as long as it remains appropriate attire.

Pajama Day is exactly how it sounds, Pajama Day! On this day, as long as the outfit is appropriate, you are allowed to wear any Pajamas or anything you would wear to bed. Don’t forget your slippers, stuffed animals and blankets!

Blue and White Day will be the same as in previous years. As long as you wear anything blue or white, you are permitted; again, as long as the outfit remains school appropriate. Academy swag is welcomed, from sweatshirts and T-shirts to hair bows!

Homecoming Week and the Pep Rally are going to be a blast as well as the tailgate party and game! But be sure you stay up-to-date with all things Student Council with 6C Publishing and check out any other articles posted here at our site.

Have you been enjoying Spirit Week? Any themes you think would be great for next year? Let us know in the comments below! 

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