Minimalism and Happiness with Mr. Burnley Part I

What really brings happiness?

Is it having the latest smartphone? The coolest car?

Is it having better things than those around you?

Or is it having the financial freedom to make your own choices?

Is it finding wealth in things like time, people, and experiences?

Is it being mindful of what you do and what you spend money on?

Mr. Burnley shares a very interesting and thought-provoking presentation that might make you stop and think about what you really need to make you happy. This is part 1 of a 2 part talk. You can watch part 2 here.

Mrs. Rodowsky requested that Mr. Burnley talk to her Econ class on how to be happy and being a minimalist. Having himself made several life changes for the better over the past few years, he has some real insight into the subject. The talk was so interesting to the class that student’s talked about it for days. 6C requested to Mr. Burnley that he recreate his talk so it could be shared with the wider student body.

Here is the same influential speech that Mr. Burnley gave to Mrs. Rodowsky’s class.


Ms. Upmeyer also works on similar goals of minimalism and mindfulness. If you are interested in learning more, here are some blogs and other resources she recommends:

  • Joshua Baker is one of my favorite Minimalist writers. He has a simple, approachable style, and breaks it all down in easy ways that don’t make the concepts intimidating. He writes on how minimalism can be applied to all aspects of your life in a friendly open style. You can check out his blog, Becoming Minimalist it a good starting point to learn some basic concepts.
  • The Minimalists are a pair of guys who make the concepts of minimalism in a way that makes it easy to understand and accessible. They have a blog, podcast and a documentary on Netflix. Check out their home site here.
  • Leo Babauta is well known in the online minimalist community. He combines concepts of minimalism and Buddhism with the goal of living a simple, mindful life. He has a blog-website, Zen Habits as well as various books, videos, and podcasts. I like Leo, but sometimes he comes off to me as a little too “I’m more minimalist/cooler than you” sometimes. Still, I have learned a lot from him.

Do you have an interest in living more simply? Do you disagree with some of the points Mr. Burnley makes? Do you have a lot of things? Does that make you happy? Do you feel you don’t have enough in life? Tell us your thoughts, opinions, and ideas in the comments below. Join the conversation!

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