Girl Code takes a trip to TreeHoppers

25 feet in the air, now 30, don’t look down! The trees sway in the breeze as you put one foot in front of the other, trying your best to balance on the tightrope. Now jump!


Taking the first steps! Juniors Kaitlyn Mahabir and Brooke Wilhite work together on this stepping stone path.

Female empowerment and bonding is quite an important part of not only the Girl Code club but also to the entire Academy community. On March second, the Girl Code crew went to TreeHoppers to complete an adventurous ropes course, and it sure does sound like they had a tremendous amount of fun!


“Being with my best friends, and doing things we probably never would’ve done on our own was so fun for all of us.” Junior Kaitlyn Mahabir said enthusiastically about just how exciting the entire experience was. “It really was a fun learning process for all of us doing this for the first time, we laughed so much and created so many memories.” She explains


Swing swing swing! Ms. Mahoney is gliding along this zip line and seems to be having a blast!

Mrs. Pitcairn and the entire Girl Code crew decided to choose activities that were not stereotypical female sleepover traditions. A ropes course was a new and thrilling decision made by the advisors and members of Girl Code. “I really love that the team is really trying to implement the other side of girl code that not everyone hears about.” Sophomore Katie Erin McCormick joined girl code on their adventure and couldn’t be happier with the decision to go to TreeHoppers. “I really enjoy being outdoors and doing things outside, especially with some of my closest friends and favorite teachers. It really was a time to remember.”

“I love the change that our club made.” Junior Brooke Wilhite supports the decision to change the stereotypes that follow the Girl Code club. “Sometimes people associate Girl Code as a meeting place to do makeup and braid hair, but this trip really proved them wrong!” She says.


Closer than ever- the girl club members had a terrific time making memories together!

Girl Code completed all three sections of the offered ropes course: beginners, intermediate, and advanced. The courses included zip lines, tightropes, climbing and jumping off, what a blast! “The more advanced the course, the more we encouraged each other, it was very daring and just thrilled all of us.” Kaitlyn expressed how this trip created a bond that cannot be broken.


Balance! Sophmore Katie Erin McCormick is seen here putting one foot in front of the other on this tricky course.

“Of course I’d love to do something like this again!” Katie Erin states: “Going on this trip was the most adventurous thing that Girl Code has ever done, I honestly hope it’s a new tradition!”

Are you interested in joining Girl Code or joining them on their next adventure? Talk to Mrs. Pitcairn or Ms. Mahoney in the upper division, or Mrs. McCormick in the middle division for further information.


Did you go on the TreeHoppers trip? Let 6C know in the comments below!


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