Get Your Zen On!

Have you ever felt stressed out about something – maybe a test or grade?


Well, there is a practice, which has been around since 1500 BCE, that has been proven to reduce stress. It has also been proved that this practice can improve things like memory and concentration (Crane, HuffPost). This practice is known as meditation.

A new club that teaches and practices meditation has recently begun. The meditation club engages in activities other than meditation as well; the activities assess things such as memory and hand-eye coordination. After a certain amount of meditation sessions, the activities will be performed again. Then, the former and the latter will be compared. The purpose of these exercises is to see how meditation has affected the participants. For instance, the change in concentration.


Nikhila Vemuri ’20 explains an activity where the members will write down decisions they have to make, then use meditation to see if it helps bring clarity to the decision.


On October 26th, the meditation club had a guest speaker, Padma Chekuri, who taught about different “chakras” or energy cores. Each energy core represents a different factor or trait. Certain styles of meditation focus on these different chakras. In the club, they discuss what they feel and relate it to the different chakras.

Nikhila Vemuri ’20 stands with Padma Chekuri, who came as a guest speaker to the Meditation Club to teach the group more about Kundalini meditation.

For more information about participating in mediation club, you can contact Ms. Upmeyer or Nikhila Vemuri

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of meditation, you can check out this article.


Do you meditate? Have you ever tried it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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