My Life as a Figure Skater

Skating in Florida? Really? Most people wouldn’t normally think about figure skating in a state like Florida because of how hot it is. I was inspired to do figure skating by my favorite figure skater Gracie Gold. Gracie’s full name is Grace Elizabeth Gold. She is 22 years old and she is the 2012 world... Continue Reading →

Tied Up with Ties!

We all know girls have a hard time with dress code.Girls just have a hard time because dress code is more strict. But what about the guys? What are their dress code problems? You may not know, but our male faculty are required to wear ties on a daily basis. This is surprising because they... Continue Reading →

New iPhones Really Worth $$$!?

A thousand dollars for an Apple iPhone? Are you serious? Do you know how many Kit Kats you could buy with that moola? 271! The iPhone X is worth 271 Kit Kats! Money aside, The iPhone X has been a very slick, exciting leap towards the future. Its design shows how capable we really are... Continue Reading →

Surprise! Wildcat quiz time!

w We all say that we know the principles and values that Mr. Pitcairn and Mr. Heller want us to remember, but do we really? We may say we’ve memorized the 6 C’s and the Five Life Principles, our core values, the school fight song, even the Alma Mater song, but how well do the... Continue Reading →

State Championship Pep Rally!

The Academy Football team made it to the State Championships with a 10-1 record! Here's a quick recap of the special pep rally we had today to support our players. Hope to see you in Lakeland at Southeastern University at 7 this Saturday! Go Wildcats!

Apple Bottom Jeans

Story by Morgaen Stewart Dress Code is one thing we all have different opinions on. Jeans, in particular, are a big source of opinions in dress code. Although our Dress Code was relaxed to wearing colored denim and sweatpants, why can't we wear normal/original jeans? Why does it look unprofessional or “lazy”? These are the questions... Continue Reading →

School charity, do you care?

There are many charities all around the world, like a Child’s Hope Fund, which helps children with cancer and disabilities that are helping people every day, but what is the student body doing to help? One person who is trying to help at the school is Emma Kitteridge, who is new to the Academy and... Continue Reading →

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