Monthly Sports Roundup

This month’s Sport Roundup:


The 2017 AATL football team is doing outstanding. On the 17th of November, they solidly defeated Canterbury 54-6 in a playoff game and are now headed deeper into the playoffs battling for the state championship. Before this they became the regional champions and through the whole regular season plowed through teams only losing one game. The next time the sports roundup is released we should know how far our AATL football team got and if they were crowned state champs.


Girl’s Volleyball-

The girl’s volleyball teams season is over but is not forgotten. They had a very good regular season and went undefeated for a large portion of the season. They dominated many teams but that did not come without some loss. The last major loss came in the beginning of the playoffs when the were defeated by Bishop McLaughlin and it quickly ended their season. Although since there are only two seniors ( Lauren Rabbottini and Hannah Nunes ), next season the wildcats will be back to battle for the state championship.



This years golf team struggled through most of the year, but don’t lose hope yet. This season they won four matches, and some of the matches they attended there was hard rain and wind that they had to play in. The team is comprised of many Middle Division students that will continue to improve on this team. The Academy at the Lakes golf team will continue to grow and thrive for many years to come.


Girl’s Weightlifting & Basketball-

Both of these teams have been getting ready for their upcoming seasons for the past two months. The basketball team is hard at work doing drills and practice games, so they are ready to win a state championship. While the weightlifting team just had their first meet, it didn’t go perfect but it was a good start for them and they are going to keep training and getting ready for their upcoming meets.

These are pictures of last years teams because these teams are just getting their season started or it hasn’t begun yet.

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