P.E. Sunscreen: Nuisance or Necessity?


In recent news, Academy at the Lakes has now had the decision on whether or not sunscreen will be a mandatory implementation for Physical Education. This new rule states that all students will have to put on sunscreen before engaging in outside activities during Physical Education. Due to the nature of the new policy, it has become quite a controversial subject between students and faculty. While faculty members and parents both endorse and support the new policy, many students feel as though the new policy is more of a burden than it is a necessary precaution.

Many of the students feel that the new policy will slow down the time between dressing for P.E. and outside activity. According to many of the students, this will, in turn, reduce much of the time needed for Physical Education class. In many cases people will try to downplay the risks that sun exposure presents especially in the the great sunny state of Florida. However, these beliefs could lead to skin cancer even in weather where it would seem that there would be no use of sunscreen to be needed, such as the cold. One of our coaches in the Athletics Department was able to comment on the situation and give his view on the controversy.

Interview with Coach Kevin Barrett:

“What is the main goal in enforcing this new rule?”

Coach Kevin: “Well, one of the main goals that come to mind would be to prevent children from receiving bad burns and to prevent skin damage.”

“What are the main issues that concern the parents regarding outside activity?”

Coach Kevin: “Mainly whether or not their children are receiving the correct amount of protection when they’re outside doing their activities”

“Do you think that enforcing this new policy will cut into the time of outside activities?”

Coach Kevin: “Not necessarily as long as the children are quick enough to get ready to change out of their uniforms and apply the sunscreen, then the process won’t affect the time in the period.”

“What are the proposed risks of exposing children to the sun?”

Coach Kevin: “Some of the main risks are those of damage to the children’s skin.”

“Why should the students wear sunscreen if they only are outside for a limited amount of time?”

Coach Kevin: “Just because a group of students are outside for a limited amount of time doesn’t make it any different. In my experience in places with similar weather as Florida’s, a person could be outside for a very small amount of time and even still get burned pretty badly. “

While this new policy may be hard for some to get used to, I’m sure it is one that we will all get used to over time.


How do you feel about sunscreen being mandatory? What if it was mandatory in Upper Division? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Feature image provided by https://www.skincancer.asn.au/

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