Monthly Sports Roundup

This month's Sport Roundup: Football- The 2017 AATL football team is doing outstanding. On the 17th of November, they solidly defeated Canterbury 54-6 in a playoff game and are now headed deeper into the playoffs battling for the state championship. Before this they became the regional champions and through the whole regular season plowed through... Continue Reading →

Giving Thanks

Lower Division student Zen Keenan, JK was thankful and comforted by his teacher Ms. Melissa during the Thanksgiving Assembly.   It all started with a conversation among the 6C Staffers on what they felt thankful for as we headed toward the Thanksgiving holiday break. It grew to include many Academy students sharing what they are... Continue Reading →

P.E. Sunscreen: Nuisance or Necessity?

  In recent news, Academy at the Lakes has now had the decision on whether or not sunscreen will be a mandatory implementation for Physical Education. This new rule states that all students will have to put on sunscreen before engaging in outside activities during Physical Education. Due to the nature of the new policy,... Continue Reading →

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