Pulling the Plug on Graham-Cassidy

Pandemonium reigned in the US Senate this week as Republican leaders scrambled to push their last-ditch blitz play to repeal and replace Obamacare: the Graham-Cassidy Bill, the latest, final, attempt for a partisan health care bill, spearheaded by Senators Lindsey Graham (Louisiana) and Bill Cassidy (South Carolina).

DACA being repealed? – How it would affect the Academy community

Imagine this:  You were born in the Dominican Republic but brought to the United States when you were less than a year old. The United States is the only thing you’ve ever learned to call home. Then, you find out the president of the United States wants to send you back to the place you have no memory of because “you don’t belong here.”

A Big Push; JJ Watt’s help

Hurricane Harvey ploughed through Texas like a running back. Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt started a Youcaring.com Foundation for Hurricane Harvey victims. Watt’s original goal was to raise 200 thousand dollars. Impressively, he was able to raise over 500 thousand dollars in 24 hours.

Throwback Thursday

If you’ve ever been to one of Academy’s Retreats, then you know how well it opens people up and helps them bond. The many different activities available can guide students to a group of people they could potentially become close friends with.

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