Sports Roundup – April/May


Freshmen Dion Loutas and Nathan Impresso on the AATL tennis team are moving on to Districts to compete in the first seed male doubles! Be on the lookout
for more news about districts!
Next Month:
Dion and Nathan will possibly be moving onto Regionals and States! They will be playing doubles for Regionals and hopefully continue on to States.



The AATL Baseball Team is moving on to Districts! Senior and key player on the team, Darin Kilfoyl revealed why the team has had such an exceptional season.
“We are very well prepared. We have played all of the teams in our district twice and have seen what their best pitching is like. Now we have to do our jobs in any given game, and the game is ours”.


The Wildcats finished their regular softball season 17-2. Post season starts April 25th at 6:30 where they will be facing Hernando Christian. This will be the first District game. If they come out with a win that Tuesday, they will head to the Districts final on Wednesday where they will play their rival school, Canterbury at Canterbury. Show up to show your Wildcat spirit!
Next Month:
If the Wildcats win at District at the end of April, they will move on to
Regionals at the beginning of May. If all goes well we will be advancing to the
State Final Four, for the 2nd time in AATL’s softball history! Go Wildcats!

Track and Field


Eighth grader Kendra Falby moved on to Regionals and placed highly. She is moving on
in four events, the 4 x 400, 100 Meter Sprint, 200 Meter Dash, and Long Jump. Since she is only an 8th grader, it will be exciting to see what she will do with her next four years of track, and what records she will break! Congrats Kendra!

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