Dead Poets Society Update!

“What is this Dead Poets Society you speak of? Is it a club for dead poets? Is it a secret society where students meet by a creek at midnight to discuss poetry and literature? Or, possibly, is it a creative writing club where students create poetry, plays, short stories, art, and other creative works?”

I actually get these questions a lot, so to answer the question you have all been thinking, the answer is all of the above. We are an all-inclusive club, so of course, any dead poets are welcome to join. Although we do not meet at midnight, we definitely meet to discuss poetry and literature, and yes, in fact, we are a creative writing club at Academy at the Lakes that enjoys making all sorts of creative works.

The idea to start a writing club came to me during my sophomore year and, thanks to the gracious help of my vice president, Lindsay Hult, and our club advisor, Ms. Oakley, it finally came into bloom this year. Since then, the club has successfully grown into a place where members can unleash their creative outlets and express their ideas through poetry, stories, drawings, and more.

In fact, we will be featuring the best creative work of our members every month in 6C Publishing! In honor of the upcoming Dead Poets Society literary magazine, this month’s featured piece will be The Absence of Thought by Matthew Martin. Matthew’s poem was also chosen as the featured piece for the literary magazine and will be published alongside several of the other creative works from the Dead Poets Society members. The distribution date of the magazine will be early in May, so make sure to grab yourself a copy!


Logo for the Dead Poet's Society
Logo Design by John Martin


Absence of Thought

by Matthew Martin

In the absence of thought

Loneliness lies

No sight seen

All hope dies


You’ve clawed, you’ve scratched, you’ve lied, you’ve fought

In the deep and mindless absence of thought


Will you live and fight for the things you’ve sought

Or will you surrender to the absence of thought


How can you take the breath you caught

That was given by the wind in the absence of thought


Use what you will to escape this silence but by the laws of those you’ve distraught

You will be found in the absence of thought

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