An Unhealthy Battle

        After seven years of fighting the Affordable Care Act – otherwise known as Obamacare – the Republicans’ “repeal and replace” plan fell flat on its face, even after over sixty attempts to repeal the ACA during President Obama’s incumbency.

        But looking back now, who thought it would pass? Ironically enough, I did. When a minority party turns into a governing party, it was expected that their decisions would be unanimous, but that was too cynical on my part.

        In fact, it was the “fake news” media that prevailed on this issue, for the American Health Care Act – Trumpcare, Ryancare – was doomed to fail from the start. The outcry that was heard throughout America from those preparing to lose their healthcare benefits, over fifty million, would have been a force of nature stronger than those protesting Obamacare. The difference? Under Obamacare, more people were getting insured, but at some costs. Under “Trumpcare, millions of people would have lost health care benefits, with a score of additional costs.

        But the story is not just people losing health care, the story is also about the politicians who would lose their seats if the American Health Care Act passed. If said action happened, the Democrats would surely sweep through Congress, thus retaking their desired seats from the Republicans who just gained them.

        Luckily enough for the Republicans, their healthcare plan failed. I say this not only because millions still get to keep their healthcare, but the congressional Republicans still get to keep their seats – for the time being of course.

        Whether this just pushed the hurricane further or annihilated it remains unknown; however, it should be noted that on the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly said that he wanted to “cover all Americans,” something that clearly has gotten lost in the swamp he promised to drain.

        Here at Academy at the Lakes, we closely followed the Healthcare debate in classes such as history and economics, where we took part in various passionate discussions and debates.

        I personally worried about the American Health Care Act due to various health problems that run in my family. My mother has a disability known as CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), and I personally suffer from allergies, scoliosis, and chronic sinusitis. If the American Health Care Act passed, there is a good chance my family would have lost our health care benefits. I know this is the same for families throughout Academy at the Lakes, as well as across the nation.

        No one can deny the imperfections of Obamacare, but polls show that the people think it was a step in the right direction; our Congress needs to recognize that. Immediately.


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