Welcome to 6C Publishing

We have a problem in these United States; it is not Congress, it is not Ebola and it is surely not a shortage of fashion – it is apathy, and throughout my life, I have fought against just that to the best of my ability. This being my final year at Academy of the Lakes, I wanted to leave a legacy. Something positive that could at least make some difference. I want to give my fellow students a voice, give them inspiration and create a call to take action.

And as of this moment, the students will take part in the civic discourse of this great nation by expressing themselves in a network by and for the students – a network where we can all take part in expressing ourselves, whether it be through art, photography or editorials, we are taking the future into our hands.

And who better to advise it than Ms. Upmeyer? For several years, Ms. Upmeyer has had the same vision: an outlet for the students, by and for the students; however, that vision has not been able to see the light of day – until now.

Now, together, we will fight apathy. Now, together, we will further demonstrate our core values instilled in us by Academy at the Lakes, and now, together, we are the 6C Network. Welcome!

~ Brett Fairchild, Editor-In-Chief



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