Flint Michigan Water Crises

Picture this.

You are about to start cooking dinner for the family, and you head over to the sink to wash your hands. As you turn the handle on the faucet, all that comes out is murky, bacteria-filled water. To be more specific, water contaminated with iron and lead. But, to you, this is the norm. This is the everyday life of every resident living in Flint, Michigan. Less than one hundred miles away from the city of Detroit, a city with crystal clear water, is a suffering community that has been pushed aside for far too long.

As of 2014, Flint changed their water sources for financial reasons. This meant that from this point forward, the community would be getting their water from the Flint River, which was well-known for its dirtiness. The city was previously receiving water from Lake Huron, but it wound up to be extremely difficult to deal with the costs, due to the high poverty rates in the town. The water was only contaminated with iron to begin with, but if that wasn’t bad enough, it soon became polluted with lead due to the service lines, and poor water treatment.

This went on for almost two years, until the people of Flint decided to speak up. Despite their city officials attempts to convince them that the water was safe to drink, they were still outraged. Medical cases of lead poisoning have arisen from drinking the water- so much for it being “safe.” For those of you who weren’t aware, lead poisoning is not something that you can hit the backspace button on. The neurotoxin never just goes away. Lead levels in patients have almost tripled since the start of this fiasco.

The state of Michigan frantically tried to cover up rock-solid evidence pointing towards the health defects caused by the water, but the people were no longer falling for it. The people in Flint are still in need of clean water for daily activities. Our community needs to be more aware of this issue, and the ways we can help. You can donate money, or donate water for these suffering citizens.

Most people take things like clean, running water, or electricity for granted. It isn’t something a majority of us have had to worry about ever before. So, take a moment. Put yourself in their shoes, and reflect on it. Do your research, and do what you can to help.

To learn more about how you can help, click here: http://www.helpforflint.com

Feature image provided by morguefile.com

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